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The term minimalism is also used to describe a trend in design and architecture where in the subject is reduced to its necessary.
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Teodora Jurić

Teodora Jurić


I was born in 1985 in Bern, Switzerland and at an early age I was fascinated by art and especially fashion. My parents, artists themselves, embraced my interests and helped develop my fascination with various books, magazines and exhibitions. Ever since I can remember I only wanted to draw and paint. Eventually I started to create jewelry and clothing as well as a variety of artistic and decorative objects. In a sense I can say that art is my life and I am happy because of that.

Next logical step was art education and at 22 years old I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts as Master of costume and fashion design. After graduation I continued to pursue my other interests and continued my education enlisting for master studies in the field of New Media Research. In the meantime I decided to form my own brand – Preppy Royalty Couture.



Preppy Royalty Couture


Preppy Royalty Couture exists from 2008. Originally it was founded as a brand for my unique handmade jewelry but as of 2014. I am carefully planning to expand and amplify my crafting to women clothing which will also be under same brand name. Main goals of the brand are designing and making of affordable yet high quality Couture fashion and jewelry for women.

Preppy Royalty Couture is primarily a reflection of my feelings and my aesthetics. Always romantic and sophisticated, sometimes rustic, bright and colored. And of course always vintage because fashion is always inspired by the combination of past trends and modern cravings. It is a never ending sequence of phases which improve and replace one another. The past is an inexhaustible inspiration and it teaches us a lot about the future. Preppy Royalty Couture is a mix of the eternal and currently modern put together for you with love and using only the highest quality materials available.

I hope you will enjoy the world of my creations !


Teodora Jurić